Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Toilet Flusher From The Greener Future.

So don't get me wrong, I am all about making changes to current designs in order to make them more environmentally friendly, but do we have to lose user-friendly in the process?

Recently I was in a fancy new building in Milwaukee for a wedding, and upon entering the bathroom I found something I had never seen before!

This is, apparently, the new toilet flushing mechanism of the future, designed to reduce water consumption! That's great! But how do I use it?

I know everyone has experienced the no-touch flushers they have everywhere that seem to flush all whilly-nilly, and waste a lot of water. In my mind they are also poorly designed, but at least its obvious to you what button you have to press in the event that you need to manually flush the thing. With the toilet flusher from the future I had absolutely no idea, and the toilet wasn't flushing on its own.

So there I was, randomly pushing on parts of the toilet, because the eye in the center that seemed to be the place to push definitely wasn't. Long story short I got the thing to work, but god, and the designers are certainly the only ones who know how I got it to work.

Overall, bad design. Good for the environment, but no good for me.

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