Wednesday, September 16, 2009

knitted body technology interfaces!

So, upon doing a Google search for the words "interface design" I stumbled across a really strange/interesting website full of knitted body technology interface designs! Being someone who is into crocheting and knitting, I got excited but I have to admit that I don't know if I would ever actually want to use any of these strange contraptions to interface with my technology. Take a look!

A laptop sock which provides, warmth, privacy, and concentration in public spaces! Looks a little bit like her face is being eaten by one of grandmas sweaters gone rouge!
This is a mask you can use to talk on your cell phone when its cold outside. I think this design is actually pretty useful, albeit really strange looking.

This one is a camera sock that fits your hand. I guess so you don't lose your camera? Personally, I think neck and wrist straps work just find, but I guess if you wanted to go for the ultra-nerdy hand-crafted option this would work pretty well too!

That's all for now! You can see the rest at .

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